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Vancouver, 2003

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NITA Co-sponsors historic high-level trade mission to China

"2012 Team Aboriginal Canada-China Trade Mission"

NITA Supports Aboriginal Youth
Event's Pictures
You can see the Pictures from all the Conferences here!!

Shudokan Aboriginal Sports & Education Sponsors
Generously giving the gift of hope and opportunity to Aboriginal children.

Circle of the Eagle Feather

Diamond Feather

Platinum Feather


The McLean McCuaig Foundation

Gold Feather Silver Feather

Provides shelter and support for the most vulnerable foster children in British Columbia

Stewart Aulinger & Co.

Daniel Veniez

Gisela Waibel

Blair Lockhart and Tony Fogarassy

Bill Helin - Tsimshian Artist


Andrea Raso Amer
Bank of Montreal
Colin Doylend
David Goult
Werner and Helga Hoing Foundation


Gordon Gibson
Greg Leach
Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP
Joel Dumaresq
Dr. Nicola James
Dr. Arthur L. Ross
Werner Schonberger

Meyers Norris Penny LLP
Michael Brotchie
Ronald Molander
Stuart Rennie
The Travel Group Ltd
Michael Joseph Holtmann
Hannes Blum,

New NITA initiatives

China 2009 Trade Mission

South Korea 2009 Trade Mission

Aboriginal Resource Initiative and Hedge Fund

China 2008 Trade Mission

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